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I can't seem to get past those things with the wings.


They can be quite brutal but very beatable. It's kind of a pre-boss gauntlet so there aren't that many of them. And if all else fails, one can always scour the world for more health upgrades (others too in case you haven't found any yet) first.

There seem to be plenty, I got past a couple just fine, then 2 came down and I died.

A bit more refining of the gameplay mechanics would have helped this app. The jump mechanic is a bit awkward IMO especially when precision platforming is concerned.

I can't even jump over the first obstacle. not sure what im supposed to do

Are you holding down the jump button? The jump gets higher the longer you hold it down. Or did you have any framerate issues because it seems like that can make the jumping not function as intended.

Yeah. Most likely have frame rate issues. I'll try on a different browser

Made a video

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Sweet! Good job on completing it. Thanks for playing and making a video of it. Looks like I may have forgotten to factor in the deadzone for controllers ;)


jump-control is practically non-existent.

A:jump height doesn't correlate to anything the player can control, making otherwise easy jumps impossible to perform
B:responds to the jump-command way too late.

A. Not quite true. From the moment you press the jump button, there is a 10 frame window where if you hold it for the full amount, the jump height will be the maximum.

B. That's weird, there isn't any artificial delay between the press and the jump itself. Input lag maybe. What version did you play and did you use controller or keyboard?

Thanks for playing!

B: Chrome OSX, keyboard

A: Seems there is a disconnect in how the jump is performed (apparently lag-immune) and how it is charged (clearly lag-sensitive) allowing the jump to complete while it's still charging, making the rest of the charge useless

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Oh cool, a fellow mac gamer!

But I dunno really then, I can control the jump heights just fine. And this is on OSX/Chrome/keyboard as well.

Have you tested it under various 'dummy loads'? A common mistake among new developers is to assume that their unstrained A-grade system is a good benchmark for load sensitive coding. (system load being the primary cause for lag)

Oh true, I haven't really. It was a 48 hour jam game so no time for such things. Everything movement wise should be synced to framerate but there can indeed be a slip up there somewhere.

I wouldn't really consider myself a new developer, been programming since the early 90s.

Hi I'm a Youtuber I would like to make a video about this game

Cool! Go ahead...