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Good game, but I feel like the change of getting a weapon should be higher because you can get to the boss with 0 damage, and no weapon, and not even hit it a majority of the time. I also think that all bosses should be stagger-able, Bigfoot is extremely hard on a non-tanky build, and lastly I've played like 10 games where lines are completely impossible, such as a 2 only having one place to go and counting it wrong when I put it there.


Yooo my game bugged out in a funny way. Both the boss and me died, but l had the "heal after each fight" mod and l survived, but the game over screen did not let me press the continue button :(

Anyway l am #4 on the leaderboard now :D

Made an amazing score of half a million, sadly my wifi was off for it to be in the leaderboard :(

Anyway beautiful game, and good job for a "game-jam" one indeed.


Hello ! There is a drag and drop bug where sometimes I cannot equip stuff, and I had some items in my inventory disappear completely :-/

Also on one run there was a bug where there was an impossible grid (like derHinek reported before).

It probably needs some balancing too : when an enemy has armor  it is impossible to hurt it with small numbers, and it doesn't even reset its cooldown so it can be impossible to win (especially when there was no attack buff available) and it is worse with "ignores staggering"

=> sometimes even if you fill the sudoku very fast you take a lot of damages and can only lose, so having a minimum of 1 damage per attack and always resetting the enemies' cooldown when filling a number correctly would be nice (I mean it is no big deal if they are immune to 1 or 2 numbers for example, but you cannot expect players to fill a specific number consistently, it is a bit too reliant on RNG and it makes the game unfair)

Ugh, bugs.  If you kill bat with healing number by thorns damage, ui locks, preventing you from progressing any further.

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you've made another really fun puzzle game that i can't stop playing!! it took me abt 5 runs before i realized that after a certain point i didn't have to actually solve the sudoku puzzle, lol. thanks for making this!

edit: found a bug - i placed a 6 and the boss counterattacked because i had placed a 6 (the ability), the counterattack killed me but the game did not end.

edit2: another bug - a skeleton labeled only staggers on an attack with an 8 actually staggers on every attack except 8s


It needs a mute button. Otherwise, another great game.


I love this game. For some reason this game keeps me coming back. I just got a high score of over a million and it was very fun grinding to get there. The only reason I died though was that my damage was too low compared to the boss' health. Every attack I made resulted in a miss. Nothing I could do would deal even one damage. I think that if your attack is too low to do any damage then you should instead have a 50% chance of doing 1 damage. This at least makes late-game boss fights possible, even if extremely hard.


Oh nice, first one to break the million barrier! 🎉

Yeah the game does have some balancing issues (and bugs too). Eventually the enemies will just get so much defense that you can't damage them (unless you have the quite overpowered ignores def skill). Of course the game does need to bring runs to an end at some point but that is indeed quite a lame way to lose and doesn't feel great. Something like what you described (could even be more generous) would make it at least feel doable even though it would be very though and unlikely.

I think I'll do a patch at least fixing the most glaring issues (which I'm pretty sure you've encountered too) after the jam rating period is over. The "auto fill" can ruin your solutions kinda and the boss drops sometimes weirdly glitch out and make stuff disappear from your inventory. Might as well do some nice to have tweaks and balancing things while at it.

Thanks for playing! ❤️ Glad you like it and good to hear that it has something that pulls you back and enough replay value.


Well, I suck at Sudoku.

Sorry, but I found another bat uuhm bug: I filled the whole Sudoku but one field (because it would be a 5). Then I filled in the 5 because it was the only option left, so the Bat did its counterattack, which killed me. The game generated a new Sudoku (because the old one was filled completely) and went on. I couldn't do anything (because I'm gone) and the Bat cycled trough its cooldown/idle time, did nothing and idled again, cycling forever.

Weird. So the board getting generated again somehow cancelled out the game over screen from appearing. That's only thing missing in that scenario, the enemy behaviour is just as it should be after the player is dead. Did you try esc + quit, that should still save your score?

I really like the idea and implementation of the game, but it generates Sodokus with illegal/impossible combinations.

I had this multiple times, here an example: The only numbers missing in the left box are 2 and 5. So only the 2 can be in the circle, because of the 5 I marked yellow. But when I tried to insert the 2, it was an error and I got attacked.


I don't think it does. 🤔 But it does let you fill it wrong as long as anything visible isn't illegal.