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bug where you get surrounded by dead bodies so you can't move


Hey, I have been following you from previous jams and am always curious to see your next game!

I might be missing some content as I only played around 5 levels, but I think it got repetitive very quickly.

Maybe a score counter could bring some sense of progression?

There doesn't seem to be any difference between a 4 beating a 3 and a 6 beating a 1.

Looking forward to your next game!


Nope, not missing anything. There is only 7 levels and that is exactly because of it indeed does get repetitive. I did have loads more ideas on how to add progression like adding different gear/skills and unlocking different dice for yourself too etc but obviously it was kinda over the scope of a weekend long jam.


It's okay.  Not really for me.


Completely understandable. Also, why would someone minus this comment? 🤔


I don't know.  You probably have a cult following on here and if anyone say anything negative about your games, they'll downvote LOL