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Got to a score of ~240,000,000 before the game crashed.  

Building combos is a lot of fun.

Would also be cool if it was Pirate themed and you were putting together pieces of a treasure map and maybe certain pieces could just have the skull and cross bones which is death and game over

Can you get this on an IPhone this game is awesome

I love the mechanics of the game. I'm trying to open an indie studio with some new ideas, would you be interested in discussing together?

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Hi, I am very interested in this game and I want to show it in a game showcase I am going to curate on Jan 5th at Wonderville NYC! The show is named "Elemental Chaos" and I would like to take a lot of photos and send them to you after, or if you are in NYC, welcome to come!

Please let me know if you would be comfortable showing your game. Thank you very much.

Yeah, of course, sounds neat! Won't be able to come visit as I'm basically on the opposite side of the globe but photos from the event will be welcome.

Had lots of fun! Great idea

grunt protagonist grunt protagonist

Great game !! Could be expanded to make a very fun game ;)

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great game tbh! that was fun  :D

lovely game! great concept & so simple (=

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crash when I peek "can re-walk in pink dot" :'D
path finding go craizy at this point x')
edit: maybe it can be a solution to implément a security to undo last input if the input make a path processing to long, like over 20secondes (or a shorter way).

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hello, I really like the game :D
Also I found a little bug, when a run is lost (stuck by an erethic) when all map is destroy, the player can place a last tuile, and if it's one who open chest, the screen of "choosing item" stay after the next run start (so I begun a second run with two gemme free)


I love the way the game is evolving! I got stuck at some point due to the time it takes for every turn (I guess because of the calculations necessary to get the best path). I couldn't even finish the game, so I made a screenshot for proof haha.

I really like this game! I'll try to get such a high score without it crashing the tab haha. Congrats!

Game is pretty fun. It only needs a few adjustments visually but overall, it's great.

What sort of adjustments? I could add them to the list for the next version if they're within my artistic capabilities... 😎

These will just be my visual suggestions or bugs I picked up.

The movements relies a lot of heavy shakes, maybe tone it down a bit or create a setting for it to be modified. 

There are some effects I saw, but maybe show tiny unique effects on the different paths to show activation. Just give it a bit more spark.

The surroundings are repetitive and becomes easily plain. It's something I don't mind, but it could make the game boring overtime. Adding simple things such as flowers or rocks would make a big difference.  

I will not suggest this if the game is meant to be basic and simple, but random events for variety and change. For example, season change.

There is also a bug I found with the changing of name. I clicked on Change Names, then the button disappears and a BRRRRRRR sound happens. I was not able to type anything or change anything (Windows on app). 


The more I play the worse I get...


love it.

at 140,000,000 points the rewards cover half the screen.

at that point it crashed (played on web).

This is a really clever and lovely little game

For some reason the rewards don't work when you play this on mobile

Fixed! Thanks for pointing it out.

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Absolutely love the game! Maybe I've gotten a little too into it.. I'll enjoy my top spot while it lasts; I'm certain someone's been cooking up a better score already lol

The heretics are a great addition, but I do think the end-game gets too easy still. Once you can get the powers of pink kills heretics, blue phases through heretics, and pink=blue, heretics become little issue. And if you get pink/blue=yellow=orange as well then heretics can be almost completely ignored. At that point, it actually becomes almost impossible to reach a game over unless you do so intentionally (I spent 20+ levels losing as fast as I could to submit my high score just because I needed to restart my computer; it could've gone forever) 

And here are some bugs/quirks to share:

  • The screen gets a little crowded. It can be hard to see the leftmost tiles in your hand and what chests are on the bottom or left of the screen.
  • At this point in the game I had just got the power to freely revisit yellow tiles, and my game immediately began to lag severely. Moving or placing tiles ran fine, but once the tile was placed it would freeze up for nearly a full minute, lag severely with the character's movement, then freeze up again when trying to load the rewards. Before getting that power, the game ran perfectly fine with no lag (and I did not have any other "revisit" powers before that one). I placed only 6 more tiles after this screenshot before it ultimately crashed. It's the first time I experienced any lag playing the game, and because I don't usually get the "revisit" rewards I might assume those are the issue.
  • The "blank spots" in the powerups are just misplaced icons. You can see they all stack up in the same spot between the first and second row. It happens when collecting the reward.
  • Sometimes when opening multiple chests at once, the reward screen will briefly show the power reward screen before popping up the tile reward screen (or vice versa). It still lets you claim the appropriate amount of rewards from whichever screen shows up second.
    • **EDIT: It happens more consistently when opening multiple chests at different spots on the same turn. By placing a tile by a chest that is unreachable (due to a heretic), having your hand re-rolled, then placing a tile next to another chest that causes you to pass the first chest too. 
  • Having more than 8 rewards to choose from results in the rewards going past the edge of the screen, and the ones on the ends become unelectable once pushed off screen. 
  • When highlighting a reward option on the left side of the screen, it will show the information for whichever power is in the grid behind it instead.

Cool! Thanks for the detailed feedback and bug report. ❤️ I’ll be sure to try to tackle those for the next version and cook up something more challenging to prevent the end game of getting stagnant. 

Publish this on Steam, PLEASE

Well, it's not quite as easy as to just publish it there but it's not completely out of the question.

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Fun Bug: If you die on the same step that your blank cards open a chest, you can click try again thru the select menu, which will persist into the new run

Come to see of it, cavalry (is super fun) but causes a lot of weird interactions, with things happening at the same time

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My game crashed at 67 million and i would have gotten 12th nooooooooo

Edit: Does that mean that this game is technically pay to win due to the game freezing on lower end devices?

How did it crash?

What is sacrifice used for?


Used for getting rid of unwanted cards. Though the drawback of it might be too much and I might need to make it a bit less dangerous.

Made it this far and then it froze :/ loving the game though, I've put way too many hours into this!

Cool, nice to see what is actually going in in the "real" end game, I've never made it that far. Dang, too bad that freezing issue is still somehow reachable. Do you remember what happened prior to freeze at all? Looks like you probably were holding some card that somehow got recycled and hence got stuck trying to place card that doesn't exist. Thought I fixed it already but I guess there is still some way to replicate it.

Also, guess I'll need to do some grouping for the skills icons. It'll look much less obtrusive if all those dupes were stacked under one with a count label or something. Any idea what made those empty spaces appear? Are those some of the two colored skills maybe bugged somehow? Not seeing any of those on the list...

Does it still get too easy even with the enemies and the less open levels?

Correct, the crash occured when I went to place a tile and then tried to put it back (to grab another tile).

It does get a bit easy towards the end, you can end up with so much life that it doesn't really matter if you have to block of large sections of the map.

Maybe a max limit on health might help? It would take a bit to work out the sweet spot for late game difficulty, perhaps around 50

Love this game! So addictive. I also think I've found a bug. If you:

1. Get to an upgrade screen.
2. Click on a "Wildcard" you've acquired previously.
3. It will detect it as a valid "upgrade" when it's not (presumably).
4. Then the following screenshot will show (entire deck is available for selection).

Above bug aside, love this game! The design is addicting and thank you for making it <3

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les than 20 min of game play 


Welp, looks like it's game over now

You won't believe me, Loot Gem + Sacrament Gem and Dynasty Tiles are too OP!

 sometimes I keep jumping on them until the boost exponentially increases to x2048

Super simple but gets quite addicting!

I do think that once you get going its a bit too easy to survive, especially with all the extra life you can get. Also I feel like you get the 4 path tiles way more often than you should, that makes it quite easy to keep going as well. 

this is the highest I got, dynasty is BROKEN if you can get enough in a row

Dynasty is BROKEN, I was able to get enough in a row.

small issue here, when in full screen, your mouse doesn't click where it should.

Fun game! One note though, are you supposed to be able to click on sainthood to just... get infinite lives? I'm assuming not haha

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Nope, not intended. Just didn’t occur to me that need to disable those clicks once they get  ”iconified”. 

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IT'S [Die] OR [Die] Y OU [[Little Sponge]].

That is a neat game !

Casual Crusade Gameplay




26,419 is my high score and I don't care to beat it


I'm actually really impressed. You managed to cram these nice-looking graphics and sound effects, a score tracker that shows your score into exponential notation with tons of digits, scoring mechanics that cleverly hide the fact that such insane scores are even possible, and a biting satire of the Catholic Church – one that largely tells its story through gameplay, no less! – all in 13 kilobytes?! 0_0


I think that is just a visual glitch (I didn’t find a good solution for). Should work just fine if you just place the next tile. 

high score 487926 without clicking the gems in the corner to get their bonus again.

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heres my heart *gives real heart* OhOHHHHHhH NoNOOo *dies*

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