Use your deck of tiles to build a path covering all the lands spreading the good word while also pillaging some rewards as additions to your deck or sometimes even blessing you with some powerful abilities.

The game was made for js13k where the goal is to make a game in JavaScript and make it fully fit in 13 kilobytes or less.

Updated 16 days ago
Published 22 days ago
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(96 total ratings)
GenrePuzzle, Card Game
TagsDeck Building, Mouse only, Touch-Friendly


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I didn't have enough cards to fill all the tiles each level so I slowly died. I only got the upgrades. Still a good game though, and a nice concept :)

Fun idea, good job!


i got a score of 282718 its too easy!


Pretty cool game! It was nice to get my hand and rewards bigger and better, despite that I drove myself into a corner until I ran into my demise

cool game

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It’s really fun! But some of the bonuses don’t seem to work for me, like increasing lifes by 2, I’m always at 5 lives (edit: the bonuses do work when I play on PC, just not mobile)


really fun!

its really fun

This is very cool game

this game breaks over and over again


Can't play anymore because every block I place lags the game too much but essentially all you need is, freely move on Yellow or Orange or both. Try to get as many Yellow and Orange cards that can connect into loops, get any multiplier boosts for the colors and steps. If you make a loop with even just 2 Orange/Yellow blocks and the next block is reachable within the loop, your character will move back and forth on the two Orange/Yellow blocks up to 10 times. Also recommend the one upgrade that makes Yellow equal to Orange and have Orange activate by walking by it.

My final score is 5.297683645757409e+21. Can't post it cause its too big but got a screen shot

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Got Bored. Loved it! Final score 1,467,144,878


I had to force myself to quit. Good job.

This is how far I was able to get before it essentially froze. 124,329,783!




wow, this game is quite fun! Not gonna lie even if it's a small game it can entertain you for a while!

good game. i liked game feel and UI.

how do you download it


Basically it's web only. But I'm pretty sure you can install it for offline use from the itch app. Or of course you could just download the html file too ( and just run that as everything is contained within it.

Cool Game. Feels like the "blank" spaces needs some kind of warning or other way to interact with them. Oh, please implement a mute or volume control.

Loving the game, maybe if it wasn't arcade? Otherwise this it's a great game that I would pay for :33

I love the idea and the game, really, and it made me remember the game "Loop Hero"


If you spam click the Sainthood thing, you get unlimited health

Great game! I love the balance between a tricky puzzle game and well.. a casual crusade. It takes just enough brain power to be challenging, but not necessarily hard.   It really can be brutal though sometimes. The only thing I wish it had was a little more variety, maybe even a harder mode. idk, it's fun till it gets repetitive. 


Probably the most addictive game I've ever played. I was said to see that the powerups stopped coming after the 7th.


Yeah that is intentional to prevent it just going infinite. But I will be adding some sort of other difficulty increase and "end game" to combat this.

Fun!  Great concept.  Love the tension between movement, collecting points and capturing tiles. :)


Interesting game! I kept playing the whole afternoon until it stucked!

It frozes if you keep trying doing stuff when he's moving

How do you use the boons

They are all passive effects. 

they never work for me

Honestly this game is addicting and I so hope you expand on it!

This is a solid little arcade game. I like that it's playable in a mobile browser.


Absolutely loved this game!  The complexity, humor, and audio were all great!  Perhaps we can see an expanded version soon?  The only problem I noticed is that the pathfinding seems to really slow down when you get multiple homes and start putting them all together, which also led to this small visual bug.

Exceptionally fun for a bit-sized game! Some silly things can happen when you chain a bunch of doublers next to each other + allow re-visiting :) Love it!

Yup I might need to tone down the exponential growth of those multipliers down "a bit" 😅


game theme music?


I made it…

It froze. Is there a limit to how far you can go? Or is my computer just bad?

I mean 5.9 million is a lot, sooo... 

No limit. Probably not your machine fault either. Someone did encounter lag and crashes but that doesn't seem like the same. I guess something did go wrong there. It is still highlighting that one tile so looks like it somehow got stuck in that mode. Looks suspiciously like the bug (that I already fixed) where you hold a card while the character is still moving and stepping on purple recycles that card from your hand locking the game in a weird state. Might be something similar...

And that is actually 59 million 😅

still going


I'm really impressed on how fast this game loads in and how juicy it is. 
well done

It was an entry to a game jam where the size limit 13 kilobytes (zipped) so of course it loads fast 😉

Great game I love playing it.... but my power up things never work. I'm on my phone btw


Really cool game, could see me coming back to it pretty consistently. But are the little power ups bugged? I got sainthood and I assumed it would  just increase my health once but I can do it infinitely so I can't lose?



Oops! Yea it's only supposed to trigger when you pick it. Guess who forgot to disable clicking on them once in "icon form". 😂

I got the same bug. There's also a problem with the power-up and move combination being WAY too powerful...

With HOME for DYNASTY and WILDCARD for DYNASTY and INDULGENCE and LOOT for ORANGE, I get insane points. It even needed to do #.###########e+## to view it. 

With BOTH of these, I am extremely OP but sometimes it lags a bit when I place a card.


Incredibly fun and simple to play! I love it!

3 things:

  • Purple’s recycling will discard a card previously acquired with blue’s draw, instead of actually recycling it. I think it’s intended to be as such, but I’m not exactly sure. Strategies could be valid for both the “discard one extra card” vs “recycle all the card in hand”!
  • a very minor bug - when the map is large (especially vertically), I accidentally placed a tile on the map more than once because the hand is then directly overlapping with free tiles!
  • I started playing that game and it easily went above 1 hour for a single game. Eventually I had to leave and couldn’t keep the tab open so a “resume last game” could be actually interesting here!

Great work in any case!


Oh yeh, blue basically draws beyond your hand limit and puts one card back and since you're still above the limit, you don't get to draw.

Tried to limit the map size so that it doesn't overlap with the hand but I guess it still sometimes can.

Yeah the runs don't really end as I wanted to. They can stretch too long and at its current state it does get repetitive. Need to figure out some way to keep them more interesting, challenging and finally even bringing the runs to an end.

it makes sense! and then it gives you an interesting choice :D

that’s going to be hard to fix that. Maybe making maps harder and harder, or maybe have a way to reintroduce chests later (which are part of the reward mechanisms) like durability on some cards, special chests that could discard completely parts of your deck back so you get regular chests again and things like that. Infinite games are hard to keep interesting

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