John is a lonely young man, a son of two popular country singers, who wants to be a farmer. A Blood Fruit farmer to be more specific. But his harvest hasn't really been too great lately and the bills keep on coming in.

Controls and other instructions given in game, good luck on helping John!


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Version 1 Apr 28, 2019
Download 30 MB
Version 1 Apr 28, 2019
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Version 1 Apr 28, 2019


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i finished the game a second time, after 2 months lol

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For me, it gets a little repetitive after awhile, the process is just:

-Wake up


These might be in a different order:a

-Gather the withered plants

-Spread out the fertilizer

-Harvest the fruit

-Plant (I don't risk over 3 plants a day)




-Repeat for infinitum (Or until John dies of blood lose, or I get bored)

Yeah it is indeed very repetitive. It isn't infinite though. I think it was a week or two of time to gather enough money for rent or something like that. Thanks for playing! ❤️

I can't seem to make any progress whatsoever. Every single thing I plant withers away until I die of blood loss. Is there some way to keep the plants from withering away, at the start? I'm not sure I understand the mechanics. I get that it's supposed to be tough, but at this point I have yet to get a single plant to grow to fruit even after repeated restarts.

Okay, I managed it. Apparently if you only plant one seed it always withers, you have to plant several. Once I figured that out I beat the game in one try. Pretty interesting game, nice work!

Cool, thanks for playing! Yeah, the plants follow the rules of Game of Life so they wither away if they have too few or too many neighbours.

I get "Unable to preload the following plugins:" when trying to run the linux port

Oh damn, sorry about that. Couldn't really test the other build besides Mac and HTML5 and was just hoping that they'd work (as Unity builds usually do). Have Unity games usually worked for you?

oof 2 years and still no answers