Duntris brings some puzzle elements to a roguelige game. You use tetris pieces to fill up the dungeon you're exploring and you can only walk on the placed blocks. Find the staircase leading down and delve deeper...

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 3.8 out of 5 stars
(18 total ratings)
GenreAdventure, Puzzle, Role Playing
Tags2D, Difficult, Roguelike, Short, Singleplayer, Unity


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HD is still processing, but I really wanted to share this video where I got to Colonel Moose:


Cool! Always fun to watch people play my game. 😍 Super glad to see you picked up pretty much all the mechanics and tactics very well. Maybe the only thing you were lacking on was harnessing the power of those explosions (and dodging them by having a spot to jump to safely). With that the unidentified pills become way less scary and therefore much more of a tool to be abused to your advantage.

Seems like there is something wrong with the AI target switching after they have killed their first target. Colonel Moose gladly killed two of your crew before going into its peaceful slumber. That run got kinda screwed by "bad" items and accidental rushing deeper too fast. The game isn't still too well balanced and you really need to gather all the resources you can and also need good luck to get through (six floors in total). 

The diagonal movement (which caused your accidental skip) is not possible around the corners so there needs to be a block on both sides to be able to make the diagonal move. And manoeuvring multiple characters is indeed quite janky since they don't know about each other on their pathfinding but will not be able to move past each other either. Same is true for the enemies too though so they can get themselves stuck on each other.


Ooh I think I didn't realize that the pill that instakills me is actually the "explode the block you're standing on" power - then indeed potions are a bit safer than I assumed! Although getting the potions that halve your distance or damage might still be fatal for that run.

So there is one more level below!? Could there be even stronger opponents than the Colonel!? (And I only took him down cause he was chilling 😅) Indeed, I noticed the bat AI give up after killing one of my teammates too.

Makes sense regarding diagonals and pathfinding woes, thanks for shedding some light!

Anyway, I believe this is a stellar game idea - it fuses so many different concepts seamlessly. Great job!


Yup, that's why it's important to try to identify as much of the pills as possible early on. Especially the damage halving one is great to encounter as early as possible since it actually does nothing if your damage is still at one cause pills can't get any stats below that.

Not really, you just got kinda unlucky at encountering him on the second to last floor. Of course everything gets bit more stats on the last floor but no new types. But the demon boss has a speciality skill that he didn't really get to use because of the glitching and there is a normal enemy variant of them as well.

Is the game supposed to detect when I can't place a piece and declare End Game? I believe it once did, but in the scenario below it doesn't, so not sure what's intended:

(1 edit) (+1)

It should yes! It will not if there are still items on the floor or something unused in the inventory as those can still save it. Thanks for playing!

Ah I see, so in theory a pill could destroy a block or something, and therefore the game doesn't finish. Makes sense - although a bit confusing sometimes :)


kind of unreasonably difficult but other than that pretty fun

Fun, challenging game.  Farthest I've gotten was floor 4.

Same - Mom's Domain is savage =)

Quite.  I managed to beat the game in about 11 minutes.  I had a lucky run.

Nice, congrats! Not an easy task by any means and requires a good bit of luck indeed. 


Cool concept! Was exciting to pick up other party members.