Equipmentris is basically a turn based combat game where gearing is a simple block fitting mini-game in itself. Each won round of combat nets you either a trusty new companion or a shiny piece of loot. How far can you get? But beware, the swift death can lurk at any corner. And the death is permanent...

The game was made in a week for #7DRL and my idea was to combine a few of much enjoyed games from my childhood of early 90s. The first part is not Tetris really but some quite obscure and not widely know suitcase packing game I can't even remember the name of. All I remember is that I enjoyed it and most likely played way too much of it considering how simple the premise was.

The second part comes from a Finnish indie classic, Areena (Finnish for arena, obviously). Well the combat is nowhere near like that and it could come from anywhere, that is where my main inspiration came from. Even though quite a lot of the features and mechanics had to be scrapped due to the week of development time flying by way too quickly.


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level 101 lol

Pretty nice!  👍 Though the difficulty stops really rising around level 40 or so. What was your team setup?

This game is very adictive congratulations

anttihaavikko  you create my favorites itch. io game and this is my team qualities and i am bumar and sehua in the bendy strawmen inc

popweltor hp 2640

ranged 1280


hp 792

pierce 1513

popmevon 306

slash 1289


very good game! I wanted to ask, what does entropy do?


Thanks! It's a random skill cast with highest applicable level. So one of the six damage types or heal with the damage amount of whatever is the highest or one of the utility active skills cast at whatever is the highest skill level.

I watched someone stream this game. Lots of fun to be had. Good music, cute animations. There is a bug (played in browser) where you can drop infinite equipment into the same slot (1x1 slot) and it gets applied; but noticed NPCs could also do that with one 2x1 and one 1x1 in a 2x1 slot. I would suggest to finish off the bugs, maybe expand on a story of some sort, and release it on Steam.


Thanks for the feedback! Yes, I am well aware of these bugs and even few more and I do fully intend to fix them and add some more features I had to give up on during the challenge week. Stuff like different character races, passive and active skills that make the combat stuff more varied and less repetitive.