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hielp it doesn't stop 


Haha yea, infinite loops can happen. You can hit esc and select โ€give upโ€ which will save your score too. 

Great game,  it's a little bit difficult to understand, but once you get it, it's super satisfying!

I don't fully understand how this game works; I just try to cover the star with cards lol

Well, that's about it really. You drop the cards to the edge, they slide to the board and then get the star. Everything else that happens is triggered by the skills you choose after levelling (grabbing the start few times).

Another bug! Not sure what happened, but I got a wheel of fortune-destiny just before (same turn or turn just before) a regular one. I got 30% faster for next destiny from the WoF, the bar filled up and no destiny came. The rest of the game I only ever got destiny from WoF.

Bug encountered: a 'ghost' card left on border after destruction. Magician that transformed the column turned one into a devil that in turn destroyed the column. The magician also moves toward target and makes target move. The 'ghost' card was where the magician would have been if the devil hadn't destroyed it.

So it was like this: transform -> destroy -> already destroyed card did the slide towards target and that spot stayed occupied?

That's what it seemed like. The card was not visible and I couldn't check sending a card through the spot from any other angle, but I was unable to send a card up that column, and that's where the card would have ended up if it wasn't destroyed first.

Ok, found my favorite combo so far:

- Destroyed Death turns into Hierophant

- Destroyed Hierophant places Death at top of draw deck

- Placed Death destroys all cards in row

I was able to breeze through for a while once I had most of the top/bottom rows empty and everything filled. I ended up ruining my run by selecting "50% chance drawn card becomes Magician" just to see how it interacted. Also had "+2 multiplier when finishing in one move", so I was just racking up points.

A lot of fun! I'll probably be playing this off and on well after the jam ends.

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Yeah that was kinda my intention (or hope) that eventually you'd need to pick something that will ruin your "going infinite" combos.

Really polished game! Great job!

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ok so
There is an absolutely BROKEN combo with the destiny that makes it so 50% of your cards transform into wheel of fortune, the destiny that makes each wheel of fortune grant you a destiny, and the destiny that removes the placement cost for wheel of fortune

i intentionally lost just because i didn't want to go on forever. (i had so many destinies that i was getting the same destiny like 4-5 times)

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Haha, nice! ๐Ÿ˜†๐ŸŽ‰ Well yeah, there are indeed some completely bonkers (probably even infinite) combos and I'm absolutely fine with it. That's kinda the reason why I made the "give up" option in esc menu also submit the score. Hope you had fun breaking the game and that it made you feel like you were outsmarting it! ๐Ÿ‘

A combo like that should be mega rare.

Yes! Had a foontastic run!

Though in hindsight, I could have achieved an even higher score if I had choosen that multipliers shall not affect negative scores and then always go for the double score, once I had a somewhat high enough score.

Haha yea. I've had a run where I had almost 400k points but then did something stupid on like 100 multiplier and poof, back at square one.

I've got Bottom Line and Some of my best Friends and when placed near the and of the game it made it go for solid 15min... but that got me a nice score 

Yeah stacking transform skills indeed can go on for quite a bit. Dunno even if it could go infinite with some combo. But that alone doesn't really net you any points really. But plenty of options for that too. 


Nicely done! Lost my first spot quite fast this time. ๐Ÿ˜


I really love this game! The presentation is just perfect.

Thanks! โค๏ธ

Really nice game, how do l actually die though? So far l don't see any big difficulty apart from a chance of losing all of your moves...


Yeah it only ends when you run out of moves (ie. don't reach the target soon enough) or when the board is completely filled.