Millie is a red panda. A "regular" red panda who like her brethren likes to roll around, sleep all day and eat all night. But such things are common when you pretty much only eat bamboo.

The game was created for the 2nd Alakajam! in 48 hours with the theme of "You can't see everything".

Tools used:

  • Unity with Anima2D and Post Processing
  • Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
  • SunVox
  • Bfxr


Download 26 MB
Version 1 88 days ago
Download 33 MB
Version 1 88 days ago
Download 50 MB
Version 1 88 days ago


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That sure was a nice game.

But it took me ages to figure out what was up with the disappering and appearing stuff, thought of a glitch at first. :-D

Thanks! Yeah, I thought it would be kinda obvious like the boos are in mario but since it is based on rolling direction and physics, it can be way more confusing and harder to figure out. If it wasn't a jam game, I would have most likely caught it with some playtesting and then added in a better introductory part for it.