Once upon a time, a strange alien crash-landed on a strange planet. Or at least, one of the two was strange. But seriously, that poor alien was hopeless on his own. Luckily though, through some kind of weird spacetime voodoo mumbo jumbo, you managed to help him. And with you by his side, he wasn't hopeless anymore; the two of you went on an adventure.


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I'm at the final boss and am utterly clueless as to what to do next. I figure that it has to do with the light bulb things under it's chest, but it crushes me before I can even get to them. Please help! I'm so close to the end!

Sorry about the delay! Yeah, you're correct, it has something to do with the bulbs on his chest. You don't need to reach them, just hitting them with your grabble hook is enough. And btw, that isn't the final boss really... ;)

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Cool, thanks! Beat the game! True Ending!

OMFG  pleas just tell me the controlls i have no idea what they are i keep falling into the water in the begging

Just mouse click (at start, right click also later on). The length of the "launch line" determines the jump force and the legs need to be touching the floor when jumping. It is hard though...

Thanks for giving it a go!

ARGHHH one more gear and it's behind the door that closes really fast and i can't get it

Yup, it's a tough one but very doable. Good job on almost getting all of them!






yeah, love the music and graphics but even knowing all the rules for movement i'm finding it impossible to play. Totally stuck at the section where you first see the elevator. Being physics based, the movement is almost chaotic, pretty much impossible to predict.

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Thanks! I know now that the elevator part is too hard for being that early on. I even made it easier twice after noticing my first testers having issues with it. Looks like it still wasn't enough.

And I'm not quite sure about the "tutorial" part in that area being enough either. Did you figure out the proper usage of the rope, the fact that you can actually reel the rope in?

how do i reel the rope, what button, it doesn't tell how?

It's the same right mouse button but you hold it instead of just clicking. I tried to indicate it in the help pic with the clock but I guess it doesn't quite work.



controls are too hit or miss for this game to be considered playable.


Thanks for the feedback! Could you go into a bit more detail on what you mean?

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There seems to be no reason nor rhyme in how the creature jumps. (while there is feedback it doesn't seem to line up with 'reality')


There is a really simple ruleset for the jumps. The creature jumps towards the cursor and the further away it is, the bigger the jump. And then if the creature isn't standing, the strength of the jump is way less.

I'm guessing the bigger issue here is me being way too subtle on guiding the player. I was going for just bare necessities and trying to leave quite a lot for the player to figure out by themselves. For sure, that style isn't for everyone. Especially so in the more casual, instant gratification driven browser based games market.

I've tried the game again and it seems that the control scheme is being made nonfunctional by poor calibration (a major problem with any unusual control scheme).