It's time for Bendy Strawmen Inc. to have their annual team bonding day. This year they have selected beach volley to be the main activity of the day. The IT Department isn't known as the most athletic group of individuals but when they set their mind to something, they commit to it fully.

Played with keyboard and keys are shown in the in game tutorial. The game is designed for a single player but of course you could also grab a buddy and go halfsies on the keyboard. 😎

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 4.4 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
Tags2D, High Score, Multiplayer, Physics, Singleplayer, Unity
Average sessionA few seconds


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my a and d keys are glitching ingame

Please make more Bendy Strawmen games.

Do you actually play real people or AI.


It's AI.

How did someone get 100% with 0-67?

No idea really. 😅 My best guess would be that I've botched the client side handling of the scores somehow (maybe for higher numbers as wins would most likely be higher value than losses) and it's just showing the wrong number there. 

If you're thinking about fixing this, looks like the leaderboard doesn't know how to show triple digits. When I got to 100-0 it showed 0-0. Looks right on the main screen.

why is my arm just stuck after swinging

If I recall correctly, that happens when you go too hard on some stats (arm length and angles mainly I think). 


how do you reach 108% completed ._.

I have no idea. Think it’s some bug, 100% is intended to be the max. 

oh ok

what is "fault!"

if you put both characters on the far right end of the side with the ball touching the net and spam w and up arrow, you can literally float

how do you win without swinging

You just move the ball over the net by jump bonking it etc. 

do you need height for that or strength or something?

I’m pretty sure it’s doable with base stats too. 

i've tried and it's really hard to not swing and even harder to score, pretty sure you have to get one of your guys to stand on the guy on the back of the opponent's team

How do you hit a powershot

If I remember correctly, that and curves too work kinda automatically based on stats and if hit is hard enough.

How do you hit a curveball?


imagine this being a series and the second game is like "the bendy strawman inc team bonding baseball bonanza"

really fun, reminds me of the flash classic slime volley ball, but with a clever twist and made juicier.

Deleted 2 years ago

It is actually intended to be played solo two handed. 

This could be a legitimate io game, if you ask me. I am SOOO impressed and addicted to thissss :D

Soooo Good

Great Game!

kissy kissy

what does win solo mean cuz I've won using one of the guys but still didn't get it

Yes that should be it. The other guy can't even touch the ball at all.

makes sense i gues

YESS Finaly first place wuuuu

Please its important

good game i want to talk to you about this game you want to talk reply

Umm, yes?

Deleted 3 years ago

I want to do your game marketing for free


Lol it’s a jam game, what marketing? 

I want to market this game make it popular

Fun game but how can I reset?

Thanks! Well, there isn’t an easy way really. If you played on web version then incognito tab will not be able to load the previous save but also will not be able to recover once you close the tab. If you have the know-how however, the data is saved with Unity’s PlayerPrefs so you can clear them from where ever they are stored in the platform of choice:


Fun game and has that "one more match" hook.