Totem of Seeding is a bullethellish roguelike with an endless gameplay loop of gathering better and better gear and taking on more and more difficult enemies while doing so.

The unique twist is the totem in your base camp which can be used to seed the given dungeon to yield better (and fixed) rewards. However, the letters you are using for the seed are also the equiment you'd use to combat your enemies.

Delve into the dungeon of your choice. Find epic loot, encounter traders, fight against bosses or hell, why not fight against the traders too. Winner gets the spoils.

The online leaderboards also keeps the competition lively (I hope)...


Download 52 MB
Version 1 Mar 11, 2023
Download 61 MB
Version 1 Mar 11, 2023
Download 52 MB
Version 1 Mar 11, 2023


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this game could totally have a really cool post jam version

this is a really clever game!

ummmm for some reason the seeds can be curse words... i dunno if thats intended


I just made the seed "lollipop"

the kobold warriors will kill you if you dont have a melle attack and they hit you. like its garunteed death

Hmm... it stopped working.  It won't get passed the loading screen :-/ 

Weird. Which version?

On browser.  It's stuck on the loading screen where it'll load the Unity Engine (that square thingy with the progress bar underneath it).  I'll have a look again to see if it'll load

Browser still not running.  Downloaded the game; it runs fine.  (Runs better than the browser lol.)

the camera isnt centered sometimes in the web verison when i enter a room


I laughed so hard when saw this

This game is both fun and frustrating.  Sometimes I get the luck of having enemies in my face after entering a new room, especially those damn Cobalts lol.

What's your longest word? mine is "salsify"

I got "olorosos", same run

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The longest I remember doing was factorial

Mine was "Satellites"

"Solo", but I've only had 3 runs

my biggest word was lithography

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Wow, really cool. Love The graphics, like … really. Would love to play in my android 😝

Yahoo i'm ended with 3d place. 

yay i got to 18th!


very fun game and i like the idea of it

So I ended up with 3rd place on the leaderboard, at least this morning. 

A ton of potential here, honestly. I think the choice between 'hold onto this vowel as a word' vs 'actually use it for its purpose' is really interesting,  though I think the 'value' of words caps out at about 7 or so? I didn't see anything higher than artifact.

Also, % health is not nearly as worth it as flat health, which is..weird?

There are two more rarity tiers after artifact but they already start appearing on 7 length words if I remember correctly. After that the longer ones only affect the dungeon size. For now at least. I will definitely keep on working on this game as I still got loads of stuff "planned" that I couldn't squeeze to the jam range.

Yeah now that I think about it, the hp percentage is kinda poorly balanced as the main bulk of your hp comes from flat bonuses (which scales with gear rarity) and that makes the non-scaling percentage boosts absolutely garbage in comparison.

This game has great promise. The movement is smooth and gameplay is amazingly satisfying.. If you get time we would love to have feedback on our own game from a talented dev such as yourself.. either way.. no worries.. take care.. and good luck!

Woooow... So many possibilities with this item system!...  xD

💛 Super creative and fun game!!! 💛

Even more possibilities with Blacksmith... be friend and get a better pistol?... or risk trying to kill'im and get a lot of things? (or... you know... maybe the both? 🤣🤣🤣)

As always, a bunch of fun :)  I did encounter a neat phenomena where I managed to teleport as my last hit point was being taken and I made it back to camp with a persistent Game Over screen.
I sat by the campfire and interacted with the totem and re-entered the dungeon, the whole time Game Over was displaying.

I also noticed the Snake was able to damage enemies through barriers. That was kind of neat.

Sometimes enemies would automatically die on entering a room, I am thinking they clip with an obstacle. That was not an issue.

The only other thing that confused me was my very first playthrough, in the very first room I encountered a trader/blacksmith but didn't know that and he proceeded to annihilate me after I had tried to kill him - I just didn't read his dialogue :)

Enemies appear to scale by day or by and not by totem use, totem use just changed size of dungeon and loot quality. Is  that correct?

Great stuff as always! Nicely original and creative :)

So you didn't really die yet the game over screen was shown?

That bats do that and it's exactly because they clip into walls. It was a bit of a janky last ditch effort to fix them as they sometimes just clipped inside and through walls making it impossible to kill them and because of that hard locking the room. Couldn't put too much effort to solving it correctly as time was running out. 😅

Yup, snake ignores all walls and just hits everything around you. At first they even hit neutral mobs which made for a rude trading experience before I realised it. Melee weapons behave the same and can also hit through small walls. But enemies can do that too and I've fallen few times to zombies doing exactly that.

A bit unlucky on that first run. Knew that it would be a possibility, and certainly someone would encounter it. But they do warn you before going aggro, twice.

Yup, exactly! Seed length only increases the possible loot rarity and dungeon max size (and of course used as a seed for generation too) and the difficulty scales on each entry to the dungeon only.

I had no hit points left, but was at camp and had the ability to heal and had the perpetual Game Over screen. It was interesting. 

Excellent stuff...and like your other projects, addictive!

fun game!

After switching the web version to fullscreen all text disappeared

Huh, that's weird. What browser?

chrome on linux

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Seemed to replicate on Windows Chrome to but weirdly not on Mac. Anyways, now fixed! Thanks for pointing this out! ❤️

Fun game, great job with coming up with a unique concept and making it a reality in such a short time!

I also encountered a bug with the web version (Chrome on Windows 10) and fullscreen mode.
When trying to close my inventory using ESC, the fullscreen mode also disabled. This somehow caused my character to teleport below the bounds of the hub area. I suspect it has to do with player positions relative to screen coordinates.
I managed to escape by walking to the right into the dungeon.

Well that's weird! The full screen going off with esc is something you probably can't do anything about but everything can be closed by a specific close button too as a workaround. But I really don't understand why it would move the player character at all while doing so. Where about was your character positioned before this move happened?

It seems to happen specifically while having the totempole interface open.

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Right, I was able to reproduce this now. Looks like it always teleports the about 1/3 of the room height down when you press escape on the totem menu while full screen. Very weird, no idea what is causing this. And Mac Chrome doesn't suffer from the same issue either.

Glad I could help! Good luck with solving the issue, it sounds like an awful thing to debug with all these specific criteria haha