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THE END is good. Thank you for the game. Impressed.

Cool game, I love THE END!

Thanks! I am currently working on an extended version with more content and more of those totally different style puzzles like the one on the end.

Awesome! Good job!

Thank you. And thanks for playing!

I give up. I got to the room with the six terminals, managed to get all the way to the top (on top of the letters), but there's nowhere to go. I almost feel like I'm supposed to enter some sort of six-letter word or code, but no clue what that is. (Tried the name of the game, then gave up.)

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Thanks for playing!

You were on the right track, not a six letter word but two of three. It actually even (pretty subtly) informs when you have a correct letter in the right place. I thought it'd be enough for most people to be able to figure it out...

figured it out. cool game