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The best part is that you can get over 4 million points with those yellow dots cards.

This game is fun.

i got 1x10^38


Two questions, as far as i can see the game is about 60kb, is the 13k not a hard limit? Or am I looking at the wrong file?

Secondly, even at just 60kb this game is technically amazing, how did you create this? It's got graphics, animations, levels, even a music player. Which tools or library do you use? Care to share any of your secrets, or at least give a hint?

Oh yes, the 13k limit is for when zipped and with that it gets barely under the limit by a couple of bytes. You can find the sources here. Only used two existing libraries, one for sound effects and another for music.

Great game. Loved the music. Well done!  Work well on mobile. Might well play again soon.

Hi! I found a glitch where sometimes treasures would not load! Aside from this, the mechanics are super fun!


Oh that's not a glitch. After couple of levels, the chest amount starts decreasing until it hits none. It's the only way really (for now) limiting on not going infinite. I do have some better plans for some more proper difficulty curve and "endgame".

But the relic icons stacking on top of each other definitely is a bug. Do they do that always for you? 😬

Yes, but I assumed first it is intended.

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This is amazing! Do you mind if I slightly rip it off to make a game in Discord (I wouldn't use the same assets and I could credit you)

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Uhh, really depends on what you mean by "slight rip off"...

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I think I've worked out a different thing, the gameplay'll probably more resemble Kalevala where you have to roll dice (I'm likely to work out a different movement method) to move around the map fighting enemies and looting chests.
If you're wondering, it uses emojis to render the world.

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Right right, of course it's fine to "loan" some ideas, especially if you give your own spin on them. Pretty cool, I haven't really seen any discord games with any visuals at least. Interesting design challenge with the very limited controls the player has.

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I've decided just to make it into a dungeon level generator

2489927. Very fun game!

It's a perfect game. The theme fits perfectly to the gameplay and the gameplay is challenging yet simple.

Only two downsides is no way to save and no endless mode.

Wow, this game is really fun!

There's a small little glitch (maybe a feature) where if you have the cavalry perk and end up in a situation like: 

the two choices bundle together and you get to choose double the rewards for one chest. This wasn't really a problem for me, but if I had miracle and didn't have sacrament, I might have been stuck on the screen.

Also, I noticed this game doesn't have a scoreboard like your other games, is there a way to check other people's scores?

I put my score and perks below, from just before I had to go.



Yea the double (or more) chest opening at once combining the picks was initially not intended but it is handled and became a feature. If you have more picks than the options available, you just miss a pick. Kinda lesson in restraint and choice between getting 2/3 or 1/3 + 1/3 later.

I will add leaderboards later on. Probably along with some relic additions and better balancing. The jam I made this for had a limit of 13 kilobytes so couldn't really go as wild as I would have wanted to and it has a rule of no external data sources so leaderboards isn't basically allowed.

I was holding a card before I stepped on a purple tile and when the card got switched I couldn't do anything anymore...

so uh... I placed a card as the game was offering me 3 cards, then the options for rewards never left the screen, please help ;-; (btw, good game)

Hmm, it shouldn't let you place cards at that state. Did it not let you pick any cards then?

yeah, the game just let me keep playing while not giving me a reward.

Very fun and easy to understand, but after some time i encounter a bug that stopped me from placing any tiles.

Was it the bug when you were holding a card and stepped on purple thereby recycling the card and getting stuck in a weird state? Or something else?

i don't remember if i stepped on purple tile but I definitely was holding a card, so probably yes

i can't chose anything

why are the places the relics are in very weird?

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Real good relaxing puzzle game :)

i like this :)

I lost my game because of a bug. here is what happened:

I had 1 card left and I was holding it ready to place it

BUT my charcter walked over a purple tile which reset the card and now I cant pick it up.

 Please fix it



Thank you

I feel like the game becomes easy fast. Awesome game, but it needs some more balancing.

There are definitely late game issues. 

24ß722 welp this game is addicted , great job 

I got to 3.35e+29 before the game crashed

Dang, how did it crash? Did you get some error or something?

Well, the game didn't crash but every time I would play a card after I got really high in score, the game would take longer and longer to calculate the moves until eventually it took over an hour to calculate and it would say the game stopped responding multiple times which makes sense. The thing I'm confused about though is that it would still take just as long to calculate even if I played a card that forced me to move one space and score less than 100 points.


is scientific notation a good thing or a bad thing?

Nice! Who would have though that exponential growth on scoring might get out of hand... 🤷‍♀️😅

happened for me too

What a nice game!

Maybe a bug note:  I was 'holding' a card with the pointer when the pawn crossed a purple dot and the card in my hand was taken away. I couldn't click on anything after that, though I got a slide-whistle type sound.


Hah, what a specific case! As purples return a random card from your hand back to deck, it happened to be the one you were holding and since the game still considers you holding that card, it doesn't let you do anything else. I gotta just set cards as not held when returning em to deck. Thanks!

There is a big issue that I've encountered three times: The game will completely freeze my computer (mac, up to date). Not just the browser software but the entire computer, necessitating a hard restart. It even froze things up once when I was on a different webpage with the game idling in the background.

Do tell if you know any more details when this happens. Seems really weird. I guess it's something randomish if it happens on the background too. I'm on mac too so don't think it's anything to do with that. Could be a memory leak I guess but seems very weird that it also happens on background (when there isn't really anything happening).

Fixed the held purple recycle bug btw...

The bug is definitely in your game as it hasn't happened before or since without the game running. And, as a Mac user, you can appreciate the unlikely power of a bug that can freeze the entire system. I couldn't even move between windows.  I don't think I was even doing anything particularly heavy with the computer otherwise.

If I'm the only one then it might be a freaky me-specific issue. Hope so!

I admire your game! I showed it to other game designers as an ideal of the 'game is analog but wouldn't ever actually be fun playing analog.'

Yea it must be in the game but no clue really what could be causing it. Are you using apple chip or intel mac? And what browser? I did manage to replicate some slowdown in late game but that really shouldn't be able to result in a whole system freeze... 🤔

I saw your simple but straightforward art style from a mile a way

Is that kannada script?



Slows way down after chest run out and score feels arbitrary with no meaning but decently fun idea,


Yup, it would definitely needs some sort of extra difficulty ramp up to kill the runs in a less boring and repetitive way. The score is indeed quite arbitrary but it is meant to be the "goal" of the game. I would have done online leaderboards but the jam rules don't allow it. Maybe I'll do a post jam version.


no leader boards sounds kind of dumb, high scores are the oldest game mechanics.

Challenging, yet addictive, little game.  I'm trying to get the hang of it.

orange orange orange

This seems almost impossible lol.

Damn, that's a big number!

Somewhere around 45 million, it gets kind of repetitive.  (OK, to be fair, I was at 8 million and then a whole lot of orange cards plus the "loot" bonus plus some indulgences kind of sent it out of control on one board.)  Until it gets repetitive, though, it's definitely entertaining.

Yeah true. It would need some extra difficulty factor to kick in to end the runs better. The level growth and lack of new cards will do it but in a too boring and slow way I guess.


Softlock at 9,195,226.  I think I grabbed a card as they were moving in the bottom part of the screen and tried to place it as animations were happening? That created a strange double outline for a card placement.

Like all your other creations, incredibly intuitive, fun and addictive. It's very impressive how you continually create such great games with a simple initial premise by adding imaginative twists that start to change the entire flow of a game. Thank you for sharing your creations..

Wow, that's a crazy score! My own record was somewhere around 500k I think. And yeah, didn't really take into account that you could get so much hand size that the cards wouldn't fit to the screen anymore. Bummer about that softlock though. It looks like it somehow got stuck to card dragging mode as it's highlighting that one cell but the card is nowhere to be seen.

Thanks for the compliments! I really enjoyed working on this too and it would have been fun to design more crazy powerups and combos but sadly I did hit the 13 kilobyte limit fairly early on and even had to strip off some features to accommodate for mandatory bug fixes.

"wow that's a crazy score"

4 days later some mf crashes the game with 3.35e25 score

Yup, classic 😂

i have the same problem too, but i currently have 3 cards in my hand, and can't place anything


amazing. So simple yet with much depth

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I got addicted to this game, I made it to 1825656 before I had to turn it off


Great Game, Enjoyed it

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