Glob is a simple puzzler game where the goal is to build complex shapes from just using letters. You get a target design which you must recreate as closely as possible. Obviously the more precise your results, bigger the points too!

The game has online leaderboards and the ability to create your own designs and save them on the cloud for other players to try their luck against.

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, HTML5
Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
Tags2D, Creative, Drawing, Singleplayer, Unity


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is that the black guy from Lexicontainer?

At least a relative 😅

Please make android version

I op, please nerf

(1 edit)


Patch notes

- Made letter I lower case


Yesss I beat the developer! (for now at least)

Nice! Been waiting for it 😊

love the game, what a great quirky puzzle game with so much personality. one issue though...make the tutorial explain to use the keys to rotate and scale, as I assumed it was all mouse based and couldn't get it to scale. but I loved it, great work.

It is explained though just for WASD (as that works better with mouse). Did you just skip all the messages?

yes I did. I presumed it was story and clicked the enter key. This is my first game jam, I'm not sure where you are, but one lesson I've learned is how difficult it is to communicate an idea.

by the way, I'm just giving you my first impression, but one way to deal with lazy people like me would be to have icons that flash on the second stage of the tutorial instead of uses text to explain it. I've got alot of games to go through over the next through days, any text is getting skipped over, because I'm assuming it's someone's crappy story, which might be a wrong assumption of mine (your game being a prime example)

genuinely love your game.

Oh yeah, I totally agree on using icons over text and so on. I did highlight the important words like the keys needed with different color too. Well at least it’s simple enough that you intuitively (I guess) found how to scale and rotate even without any help when it was needed.

Thanks for the feedback! ❤️

I like the quality of this game, but does it match the theme?

Because you might have done this project weeks before

Hmm, pretty much every jam I see these ”how it fits the theme” comments. I thought it was quite obvious this time. You’re literally joining letters together to form bigger shapes.

But underatandable though. Didn’t do a dev timelapse this time but I will probably post the soures to GitHub.


but is it joined together and not join together?

Still Amazing game, but the entertainment is missing

from coding perspective I wouldn't hade done so much in such little time.

Haha yeah. 😅 I always first think I'm gonna go for something super simple and polish the crap out of it but alas, doesn't really ever happen. Well the mechanic in this one is simple enough but for some brain fart reason I decided to slap on this whole "maker" aspect to it and it was a whole another can of worms. 

Great concept and the multiplayer implementation is excellent!

I thought I'd spend 2 minutes on this game and be done, but nope, you've thoroughly hooked me. I think a drag and drop system would be better for the letters, or if you want to keep the button mechanic spawn them randomly around the screen so they don't bunch up in the same spot. Otherwise really impressive!